Top Rewards Credit Cards of January 2024

Navigating the world of credit cards can be tricky, especially with the wide range of options available. To help you find the best fit for your spending habits, we’ve compiled a list of the top rewards credit cards for January 2024. Whether you prefer cashback, travel rewards, or other perks, there’s something for everyone.

  1. Double Cash® Card by CitiBank

Our pick for: cashback — high flat rate

Earn a cashback of 2%  on every purchase — 1% when you buy, and 1% when you pay it off.

Charges no annual fee and has straightforward rewards structure.

  1. Citi Custom Cash® Card

Our pick for: cashback — 5% categories tailored to your spending

5% back in your top spending category (up to $500 per billing cycle) and 1% on other spending.

No annual fee, and no need to track activation schedules.

  1. Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card

Our pick for: cashback — high flat rate + incentives

Unlimited 2% cashback on all purchases, a generous sign-up bonus, and 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers.

No annual fee.

  1. Chase Freedom Flex℠

Our pick for: cashback — up to 5% in multiple categories + cash bonus

Bonus cashback in quarterly categories, a new cardholder bonus, and a 0% intro APR period.

Flexibility in earning rewards across different spending categories.

  1. Discover it® cashback

Our pick for: cashback — bonus categories + cashback match

Bonus cashback in quarterly categories, and Discover’s unique cashback match for the first year.

Wide range of bonus categories.

  1. Chase Freedom Unlimited®

Our recommendation for maximizing savings and efficiency: cashback with bonus categories and a competitive ongoing rate. Enjoy bonus rewards on travel, restaurants, and drugstores, coupled with a 0% introductory APR period. This choice is ideal for individuals seeking a blend of substantial ongoing rewards and attractive introductory benefits, helping you both save money and time.

  1. Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express

Our pick for: cashback — families (groceries, gas, commuting, streaming)

Rich rewards for U.S. supermarkets and select streaming services, though with an annual fee.

A generous welcome offer for new cardholders.

  1. Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card

Our pick for: For dining out and groceries and it has no annual fee

Solid rewards on dining and groceries with no annual fee, making it a great option for those who love dining out.

Although with a slightly lower cashback rate than its annual-fee counterpart.

  1. U.S. Bank Cash+® Visa Signature® Card

Our pick for: cashback — customizable rewards

Customizable cashback categories, including two 5% categories and a 2% category.

A good bonus offer for new cardholders.

  1. Altitude® Go Visa Signature® Card by the U.S. Bank

Our pick for: Flexible rewards for food + no annual fee

Excellent rewards on dining purchases, with no annual fee.

A strong option for those who want to maximize rewards on food-related spending.

  1. Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

Our pick for: Travel rewards — flat-rate rewards

Known for its simplicity, Capital One Travel offers 5 miles on every dollar spent on hotels and car rentals.

A versatile travel card with a great sign-up bonus.

  1. Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

Our pick for: Travel rewards — bonus categories

Earns bonus rewards on travel, dining, select streaming services, and select online grocery purchases.

Points are more valuable when redeemed for travel through Chase.

  1. Discover it® Student Chrome

Our pick for: College students

Straightforward rewards with bonus cashback at restaurants and gas stations, ideal for students.

No activation required and no rotating categories.

  1. Bilt World Elite Mastercard® Credit Card

Our pick for: Rewards on rent payments

Unique in offering credit card rewards on rent payments without an additional fee.

Bonus points on dining and travel, with flexible redemption options.

  1. Delta SkyMiles® Gold American Express Card

Our pick for: Airline credit card

Bonus rewards on Delta flights, restaurants worldwide, and U.S. supermarkets.

Valuable perks for Delta loyalists, including a checked-bag benefit and priority boarding.

  1. World of Hyatt Credit Card

Our pick for: Hotel credit card

Great for frequent travelers who spend time at Hyatt properties.

High-value points and various benefits, including free nights and automatic elite status.

  1. Altitude® Connect Visa Signature® Card by the U.S. Bank 

Our pick for: Road trips

Generous points on travel, gas stations, and streaming, making it ideal for road trips.

Ongoing credits that can offset the annual fee.

Determining the Right Kind of Rewards Card for You

Choosing the right rewards card depends on your spending habits, preferences, and the level of effort you’re willing to invest in managing rewards. Whether you prioritize simplicity with cashback or desire the perks of travel rewards, there’s a card tailored for you.

Remember that the “best” rewards card is subjective and varies from person to person. Assess your spending patterns, credit score, and the benefits that align with your lifestyle to find the perfect fit. If you’re uncertain about rewards cards, cash-back options are generally more straightforward for most individuals.

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