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Walmart MoneyCenter: Hours and Services Guide

Walmart MoneyCenter presents a convenient array of financial services, seamlessly integrated into the Walmart experience, aiming to offer customers a diverse range of financial products to meet their needs. Familiarizing yourself with the operating hours and the spectrum of services provided at the Walmart MoneyCenter can empower you to optimize these offerings, ensuring you have money for life. Here’s a comprehensive guide:

1. Walmart MoneyCenter Services:

a. Check Cashing:

Walmart allows customers to cash various types of checks, including payroll checks, government checks, tax refund checks, and more. There are fees associated with check cashing, and limits may apply.

b. Money Transfers:

You can use Walmart to send and receive money domestically and internationally through services like Walmart2Walmart and MoneyGram. Fees vary based on the transfer amount and destination.

c. Bill Payments:

Walmart MoneyCenter enables you to pay your bills conveniently. You can pay utility bills, credit card bills, and other bills at participating Walmart stores.

d. Prepaid Cards:

Walmart offers a range of prepaid cards, including the Walmart MoneyCard. These cards can be used for shopping, bill payments, and withdrawing cash from ATMs.

e. Money Orders:

Customers can purchase money orders at Walmart MoneyCenters. Money orders are a secure form of payment and are often used when a personal check is not accepted.

f. Check Printing:

Some Walmart MoneyCenters provide check printing services, allowing you to order checks for personal or business use.

g. Coinstar Kiosks:

Coinstar kiosks are available in many Walmart stores, allowing you to convert loose change into cash or gift cards.

h. Rapid Reload:

For Walmart MoneyCard users, the Rapid Reload service lets you add money to your card quickly at participating Walmart locations.

2. Walmart MoneyCenter Hours:

Walmart MoneyCenter hours may vary by location. In general, Walmart MoneyCenter hours align with regular store hours. It’s advisable to check the specific hours of operation for the Walmart store near you.

Typical Hours:

Monday to Sunday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM


Some Walmart stores may have extended hours or reduced hours on certain days.

3. How to Find Walmart MoneyCenter:

Locating the Walmart MoneyCenter within the store is usually straightforward:

  • Look for signs or ask store personnel for directions.
  • MoneyCenters are often located near the customer service area.

4. Tips for Using Walmart MoneyCenter:

Check Fees: Be aware of the fees associated with each service offered at the MoneyCenter. Fee structures can vary.

Bring Identification: When using certain services, such as check cashing, it’s advisable to bring a valid form of identification.

Verify Services: Confirm the specific services available at your local Walmart MoneyCenter, as not all services may be offered at every location.

By understanding the services provided, knowing the hours of operation, and being aware of any associated fees, you can make efficient use of the Walmart MoneyCenter for your financial needs.

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