11 Ways to Get Paid for Old Items – Recycle Used Electronics


Recycling electronics is crucial for environmental sustainability, considering the toxic substances they contain. With half the U.S. states mandating e-waste recycling, finding the right avenues to dispose of old electronics can be challenging. However, several programs offer not only an eco-friendly way to dispose of devices but also financial incentives, including cash, discounts, coupons, and gift cards.

How to Get Paid Recycling Your Old Electronics:


Accepts various electronics in any condition.

Provides instant quotes on their website.

Offers multiple payment methods, including PayPal, check, bank transfer, Amazon gift card, or charity donation.

Free shipping for your devices.


Accepts devices in any condition.

Wide range of accepted electronics, including cellphones, laptops, tablets, and more.

Provides payment options via PayPal or check.

Offers a prepaid shipping label for free shipping.


Accepts desktops, laptops, tablets, and more.

Offers instant quotes on their website.

Payment options include Google Pay, PayPal, or check.

Free UPS or FedEx shipping for your devices.


Accepts smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and more.

Quotes prices instantly on their website.

Payment through PayPal or direct deposit within 24 hours.

14-day acceptance period for revised offers.


Convenient kiosks in over 4,500 U.S. retail stores.

Provides instant cash for devices on the spot.

Accepts cellphones, MP3 players, and tablets.

Offers responsible recycling for non-resellable devices.

Amazon Trade-In:

Trade-in almost any item for an Amazon gift card.

Instant offers available on the Amazon trade-in page.

Accepts nonworking devices for recycling.

Free drop-off available for Amazon devices at select locations.

Best Buy:

Trade-in program for select electronics in exchange for e-gift cards.

Instant quotes available on the trade-in webpage.

Offers additional discounts on new purchases for trade-ins.

Free recycling for a wide range of electronics.

Apple Stores:

Trade in old devices for credit toward new purchases.

Accepts various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.

Instant in-store credit at Apple stores.

Mail-in option available for those not near Apple stores.


Mail-in trade-in program for various devices.

Offers cash back for qualifying new Microsoft device purchases.

Accepts computers, tablets, phones, and gaming consoles.

Promotions available for upfront discounts on new products.


Online trade-in and recycling program.

Accepts computers, laptops, tablets, phones, and more.

Pays via Virtual Visa rewards for trade-ins.

Credit can be used on for new purchases.

Your Cellular Carrier:

Most cellphone service providers have trade-in programs.

Offers incentives for upgrading phones or tablets.

Policies vary, but generally provide discounts on new devices or bill credits.


Recycling electronics not only contributes to environmental preservation but also presents an opportunity to earn financial rewards. With various programs available, consumers can pick the option that’s best for them, whether it’s instant cash, e-gift cards, or discounts on new purchases. Shopping around for the best offer is advisable, and if financial incentives are not a priority, donating devices to charities for refurbishing or recycling is a socially responsible alternative.

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