19 Job Opportunities Allowing Remote Work From Home (or Anywhere in the World)

19 Job Opportunities Allowing Remote Work From Home (or Anywhere in the World)

The contemporary work landscape is transitioning towards remote work, a trend that has gained momentum recently and surged to unprecedented levels amid the COVID-19 pandemic. According to information revealed by CNBC in 2018, 70% of professionals worldwide participated in telecommuting, opting to work remotely for at least one day per week. The pandemic further fueled this movement, and even after it ends, 55% of employers plan to continue allowing most office workers to telecommute, as per a 2020 study by PwC. According to information obtained from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it has found that less than 10% of the working population is currently involved in the gig economy. It includes full-time employees and those who work freelance or contract.

Among the 90% of individuals still working full-time, a third also engage in a side gig.

As someone who works entirely remotely, dividing my time between the United States, Europe, and Abu Dhabi, I can attest to the benefits of this lifestyle. Remote work has many benefits, offering more flexibility and freedom than a traditional office job. It enables individuals to operate from any location and select their own timetable.

Benefits of Remote Work

This adaptability enables a customized and comfortable setting, boosting productivity.

Location Independence

Remote work allows individuals to live anywhere, breaking the geographical constraints imposed by traditional jobs. This freedom applies to areas with more affordable living costs, allowing for better financial optimization. 

Flexibility in Workspace

Remote workers can choose their workspace, whether it’s at home, a coffee shop, or a coworking space. This flexibility enables a customized and comfortable setting, boosting productivity. 

Cost Savings

Engaging in remote work can yield substantial cost savings. Individuals have the flexibility to live in areas with lower living expenses, and the need for commuting is eliminated, leading to savings in both time and money.

Work-Life Balance

Remote work often comes with the ability to set one’s hours. This is particularly appealing for parents with young children, as it provides an opportunity to work around their kids’ schedule, offering a middle ground between staying home and continuing to work.

Challenges and Considerations

While the benefits of remote work are evident, it’s essential to acknowledge the challenges and dispel common misconceptions:

Discipline Requirement

Remote work demands a higher level of discipline compared to traditional office jobs. With a supervisor physically present, individuals can be self-motivated and manage their time effectively.

Beware of Scams

The online landscape is rife with work-from-home scams. Remote job seekers must be vigilant, and Awareness of warning signs is essential to prevent becoming a victim of fraudulent schemes.

Misconceptions about Remote Work

Some people hold misconceptions about working from home, assuming it’s easier or allows for multitasking with household chores. In reality, remote work requires dedication and focus.

Exploring Remote Job Opportunities

The diverse range of available job opportunities further enhances the allure of remote work. Various remote job opportunities are available to match different skill levels and income requirements, whether you are a recent graduate, a seasoned professional or someone looking for a career change. Here’s a glimpse of various remote job options:

  1. Transcriber:

Transcribers are individuals who transform audio or video recordings into written format. This process involves typing out the spoken words and sounds in the recording and creating a text transcript that accurately represents the content of the recording. Records. This job requires minimal education or experience, making it accessible to many individuals. 

Average Salary: $39,554.

  1. Tutor:

Tutors can operate virtually or in person, providing valuable educational support. The hourly rate varies based on the tutor’s education and the difficulty of the material. 

Average Salary: $36,114.

  1. Medical Coder:

Medical coders are crucial in converting medical diagnoses into coded information for reference and insurance purposes. 

Average Salary: $42,719.

  1. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create visual content, including logos and marketing materials. Salaries increase with experience and skill level.

 Average Salary: $45,851.

  1. Web Designer

Web designers focus on organizing website layouts and images, with some coding knowledge.

Average Salary: $50,767

  1. Corporate English Teacher

Teaching English to international corporate employees is a remote opportunity, often without the need for a teaching degree. 

Average Salary: $46,677.

  1. Recruiter

Recruiters connect talented individuals with employers, emphasizing soft skills such as persuasion and negotiation. 

Average Salary: $51,068.

  1. Freelance Writer or Editor

Writing and editing cover a broad spectrum, from journalistic reporting to marketing copy. 

Average Hourly Earnings: $24.12 for writers and $25.00 for editors.

  1. Speech Pathologist

Speech pathologists diagnose and treat speech and swallowing disorders. This career requires a master’s degree and specialized training. 

Average Salary: $61,982.

  1. Telephone Triage Nurse

Triage nurses assess health concerns over the phone, directing patients to appropriate care. 

Average Salary: $65,870.

  1. Accountant

Accountants organize finances, bookkeeping, and tax returns for clients. A bachelor’s degree and CPA certification are typical requirements.

 Average Salary: $51,546.

  1. Digital Marketing Manager

Overseeing online campaigns, digital marketing managers navigate a dynamic field.

Average Salary: $66,980.

  1. SEO Marketing Strategist

SEO specialists improve search engine rankings for businesses. 

Average Salary: $51,782.

  1. Project Manager

Project managers plan, manage and complete projects. They ensure projects are done on time, within budget and meet the goals. They require diverse skills. Average Salary: $74,515.

  1. Software Developer

Developers write code for applications and software, demanding technical expertise.

 Average Salary: $71,771.

  1. UX Researcher/Expert

User experience researchers optimize websites for better user interaction.

Average Salary: $92,179.

  1. Data Engineer

Data engineers manage and analyze large data sets, requiring technical proficiency.

Average Salary: $87,147.

  1. DevOps Manager

DevOps managers coordinate technical processes, needing a blend of technical and interpersonal skills.

Average Salary: $116,146.

  1. Teleradiologist

Radiologists review medical images remotely, requiring extensive medical qualifications.

Average Salary: $307,784.


Remote work provides numerous opportunities across multiple industries and skill levels. The shift toward a more digitized and interconnected world has paved the way for individuals to explore fulfilling careers without geographical constraints. Whether seeking a side gig, a career change, or a chance to balance work and life more effectively, the remote job landscape is diverse and continually expanding. As you embark on your remote work journey, consider your skills, interests, and the flexibility you desire to find the perfect remote job that aligns with your goals and lifestyle.

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