5 Clever Ways to Secure Sideline Passes for NFL Games Without Breaking the Bank


Attending an NFL game is a dream for many fans, but the soaring costs of tickets and stadium fare can be a deterrent. However, for those willing to invest the effort, scoring affordable sideline passes, offering a close-up view of the action, is within reach. This article explores creative strategies to make your NFL game experience memorable without draining your wallet.

Team Forums Hold the Key:

Active NFL team forums serve as information hubs where passionate fans share insights and experiences. While you shouldn’t purchase tickets directly from these forums, they can be valuable for insider tips. If there are sideline passes available through giveaways, corporate promotions, or verified resellers, dedicated fans are likely to know about it. Engaging in discussions on platforms like Facebook or Twitter can lead to valuable information on acquiring affordable sideline passes.

Travel or Tour Packages for Exclusive Access:

Many NFL teams include sideline passes in authorized travel or tour packages, often without explicitly stating the cost of these passes. While this option is team-specific, investing in a stadium tour package on a non-game day might grant access to field level. Splurging on a comprehensive team travel package, though costly, can offer exclusive pre-game sideline passes, VIP access, and a host of other perks. These packages provide a unique and immersive NFL experience for committed fans with disposable income.

Verified Ticket Resale Sites:

Turn to reputable ticket resale sites like StubHub and SeatGeek for a chance to secure sideline passes below market value. These platforms often offer package deals that include game tickets and, occasionally, pre-game tailgate access. While sideline passes may be less common than regular tickets, these trusted platforms provide security against fraud. If your preferred platform doesn’t have what you’re looking for, consider exploring smaller resellers like Premium Seats USA or packages from the team’s official entertainment partners, such as VividSeats or Ticketmaster.

Barclays NFL Extra Points Credit Card:

For avid NFL fans with good credit, the Barclays NFL Extra Points Credit Card offers a unique advantage. With unlimited 2 points per $1 spent on qualifying NFL and team purchases, cardholders can redeem points for exclusive NFL products and experiences, including VIP sideline passes. The card’s perks, such as 20% off NFLshop.com purchases and a 0% promotional APR for six months on eligible NFL ticket purchases, make it a valuable tool for those seeking unforgettable NFL stadium experiences.

Take a Shot at Sweepstakes:

For the chance to secure free sideline passes, enter sweepstakes offered by your favorite team or its sponsors. Visit the team’s fan promotions page or keep an eye of their social media for announcements and updates on active sweepstakes. Prizes often include pre-game sideline passes, offering lucky winners an extraordinary game-day experience. Keep an eye on local media outlets and sponsors’ social media for additional opportunities to win sideline access.


While NFL ticket prices may be steep, these clever strategies can help you secure sideline passes and enhance your game-day experience without breaking the bank. From engaging with fellow fans on forums to exploring exclusive travel packages, there are various avenues to make your NFL dream a reality. Whether you opt for insider tips, credit card perks, or sweepstakes entries, the thrill of standing on the sidelines is an investment in a once-in-a-lifetime football experience.

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