Learn How Much A Post Office Box Can Cost


In the age of digital communication, physical mail remains a vital channel for delivering essential documents. To ensure the security of your sensitive information, a Post Office (P.O.) box provides a reliable option. Before deciding to obtain one, it’s crucial to understand the costs associated. In this guide, we’ll explore the factors influencing P.O. box costs and provide insights into the application process.

Post Office Box Costs

Estimated P.O. Box Cost

Extra Small: $4.33 – $28.67 per month

Small: $5.50 – $38.33 per month

Medium: $8.17 – $67 per month

Large: $12.33 – $76.67 per month

Extra Large: $21.50 – $115 per month

The actual cost varies based on box size, location, and rental period. Longer rental terms and larger boxes incur higher fees.

Factors That Affect P.O. Box Cost:

Length of Rental Period:

Boxes are rented for three, six, or 12 months. Longer terms offer cost savings, and automatic renewals can be set up for convenience.

Box Size:

The size of the box impacts the cost, with larger boxes incurring higher fees. Box sizes range from extra small to extra large, accommodating varying amounts of mail and packages.


Prices may be higher in areas where USPS is dominant, but competition from companies like FedEx or UPS can help keep costs down. Urban areas with multiple mail service options may offer lower prices due to increased competition.

Typical P.O. Box Costs:

Extra Small: $4.33 to $28.67 per month

Small: $5.50 to $38.33 per month

Medium: $8.17 to $67 per month

Large: $12.33 to $76.67 per month

Extra Large: $21.50 to $115 per month

Additional Fees:

Lost key or key duplication: $9

Lock replacement: $25

Late renewal fee: $25

USPS offers Premium P.O. Box services with benefits like a real street address, extended lobby access, signature on file, and no key deposit.

Applying for a P.O. Box:

At the Post Office:

  1. Complete the PS Form 1093.
  2. Visit the post office with two forms of identification.
  3. Pay the required fees and receive your key upon approval.


  1. Enter your zip code online to find nearby locations.
  2. Fill out the application form, reserve your box, and make the payment.
  3. Finalize the application at the post office with two forms of ID.

Final Word:

A P.O. box offers a secure solution for receiving mail, especially if you want to protect your physical address or maintain privacy. Costs vary, so it’s essential to consider factors like rental period, box size, and location. Whether you apply in person or online, understanding the fees and benefits ensures you make an informed decision regarding this valuable USPS service.

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