The Ultimate Guide to Selling Clothes Online: Top 10 Platforms to Boost Your Wallet


If your wardrobe is bursting at the seams with clothing, shoes, and accessories that you rarely use, it might be time for a closet cleanout. Not only does organizing your wardrobe bring joy, as suggested by Marie Kondo, but selling your gently used items online can also add a boost to your finances, especially if you own designer labels in good condition. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the ten best places to sell clothing online, each catering to different needs and preferences.

  1. Best Overall: Mercari

User-friendly platform for various items, including clothes, shoes, accessories, and more.

No listing fee, and sellers pay only a 10% flat-rate fee when an item sells.

Mercari Local offers a convenient way to sell bulk items with quick delivery options.

Over 50 million users for a broad customer base.

  1. Best for Name Brands: Poshmark

Popular resale site with a focus on high-quality clothing, shoes, and handbags.

Social media component for promoting items through themed Posh Parties.

Flexible pricing. For items under $15 a fee of $2.95 is charged and a 20% fee for items over $15.

Flat-rate shipping of $7.45 for items up to 5 pounds.

  1. Best for a Large Customer Base: eBay

Massive platform with over 185 million active buyers for a broad audience.

Favorable pricing structure, with no additional fees for items sold over $100.

Options for fixed-price sales, auctions, and buyer negotiations.

Global Shipping Program for international reach.

  1. Best for Selling Accessories: Tradesy

Specialized in reselling designer labels, including clothes, handbags, jewelry, and more.

Flat commission fees, image-enhancing features, and a free shipping kit option.

Online shop for wedding dresses and accessories.

  1. Best for Ease-of-Use: ThredUp

Simplified process with a cleanout kit for easy shipping of old clothes.

Selective in accepting items, focusing on quality and condition.

Payouts within 14 days of the sale date, with varying percentages based on the sale price.

  1. Best for Bargains: Vinted

No seller fees, allowing you to keep 100% of your profits.

Global platform with over 37 million members.

Additional features like “bumps” for increased visibility and the option to swap with other sellers.

  1. Best for Designer Clothes: The RealReal

Luxury consignment store authenticating every garment and accessory.

Commission based on a sliding scale, starting at 55% and reaching up to 85%.

Full-service platform handling photography, listing, and shipping.

  1. Best for Niche Brands: Depop

Social app with a focus on independent and niche brands, popular among Gen Z.

Fixed prices for all items with a 10% commission and PayPal processing fee.

Additional options to sell various goods like posters, books, and records.

  1. Best for Menswear: Grailed

Dedicated to menswear, offering a range from luxury to streetwear and vintage.

9% commission on sales, with price-drop incentives for sellers.

Negotiable prices, offers, and the ability to print USPS shipping labels.

  1. Best for Kids Clothes: Kidizen

Platform for selling gently used children’s clothing, accessories, and more.

Individual or personal seller options, with a 12% commission and $0.50 fee.

Additional categories for selling baby gear, toys, and accessories.

Methodology: Selecting the Best Places to Sell Clothing Online

Evaluation was based on five key metrics: ease of use, customer base, low fees, clothing selection, and selling features.

Consideration of user-friendly platforms, large customer bases, favorable fee structures, diverse clothing categories, and additional selling tools.

Inclusion of both generalist and niche marketplaces to cater to a wide range of sellers.


Whether you’re looking to declutter your closet or make some extra cash, choosing the right platform to sell your clothes online is crucial. The diverse options listed in this guide takes into consideration the various needs, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your items and preferences. Follow our comprehensive advice, and embark on a successful journey to boost your wallet through online clothing resale.

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