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Unveiling the Profitable Side Hustle of Selling Christmas Trees


If you’ve ever wondered about those independent Christmas tree sellers on the roadside and how much they make, you’re in for a treat. In this guide, we’ll explore the potential of turning the holiday spirit into a profitable side hustle by selling Christmas trees. This festive venture can not only bring joy to your customers but also fill your pockets with extra holiday cheer.

The Genesis of the Christmas Tree Business

The idea of selling Christmas trees as a side hustle emerged during a conversation about additional income streams. Inspired by the success of a distant relative who earned $100,000 annually from two stands, the prospect became intriguing. Connecting with a tree farm through this relative, the journey into the Christmas tree-selling business began.

Step #1: Finding a Prime Location

Securing a good location is crucial for success in the Christmas tree business. Like real estate, the mantra is “location, location, location.” December is an ideal time to scout for high-traffic lots with no nearby competition. Flea markets prove to be goldmines for foot traffic, offering the potential for substantial net profits. Collaborating with local schools and churches can also be beneficial, creating a win-win scenario that reduces overhead costs and builds community support.

Step #2: Obtaining a Tent for Protection

Protecting your inventory from sunlight is vital for maintaining tree freshness, and renting a tent, though an upfront cost, pays off by ensuring the longevity of your trees. Consider it an investment, and if feasible, the tent can become an additional income source during the remaining ten months of the year if rented out.

Step #3: Gathering Necessary Supplies

Investing in the right supplies is crucial for a thriving Christmas tree stand. From a vinyl sign and tags for trees to wreath-making materials, Christmas tree stands, fencing, shade cloth, lighting, and more, these supplies contribute to an attractive and functional stand. While the initial investment may reach around $3,195, it’s essential for creating a standout business.

Step #4: Setting Up Your Stand Creatively

An enchanting display that draws customers in is the key to a thriving Christmas tree stand. Setting up trees on poles with bungee cords keeps them upright, offering a clear view to customers. Proper fencing, shade cloth, and bright lighting enhance the customer experience, making you stand the go-to destination for festive tree shopping.

Opening Time

Optimal timing plays a pivotal role in the success of a Christmas tree stand, especially when aiming for a good budget. Launching the stand during the weekend preceding Thanksgiving caters to early-bird customers excited to start the holiday season. Coordinating tree deliveries a week before Thanksgiving guarantees a supply of fresh inventory, and flexible hours throughout weekdays and weekends accommodate individuals with busy schedules, contributing to a well-planned and budget-friendly approach.

Profitability of Selling Christmas Trees

The profitability of selling Christmas trees is substantial, with most trees carrying a markup of 50% or more. Tree sizes offer different profit margins, ranging from $20 to $250 per tree. Additional revenue streams, such as selling tree stands, wreaths, and poinsettias, contribute significantly to overall revenue.

Additional Revenue Opportunities

Utilizing tree branches to craft wreaths, sell tree stands, and offer poinsettias as festive additions can create other revenue streams. These supplementary products enhance the customer experience and contribute to a more diversified income stream, requiring active involvement in planning and execution.

Downsides to the Christmas Tree Business

While the Christmas tree side hustle presents a lucrative opportunity, it’s essential to acknowledge potential downsides. The business can be labor-intensive, involving heavy lifting and logistical planning. Additionally, it’s not a passive income stream, requiring active involvement in planning and execution.


Venturing into the Christmas tree side hustle offers an exciting opportunity to make significant profits during the holiday season. By strategically selecting a prime location, investing in a well-designed stand, and diversifying revenue streams, individuals can create a festive business that brings joy to customers and generates a substantial income.

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